Love-able one "man" wrecking crew.


Name: Rosco
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Two-handed Weapon Fighter
Occupation: Imperial Army Recruit
Unit: Trainee

Full character sheet

In the refuge where Rosco was born, the Orc were definitely the minority by a large margin. To make sure that their numbers did not die out completely they began mating with humans. Despite the desperate times they were living in, some of the older full blooded Orc looked down on their half-breed spawn. Rosco was one such case. Born to a human mother and orc father, he received most of his affection from his mother and martial discipline from his father. As he grew older he wanted to make his father proud, receiving tribal tattoos to prove that he considered himself an Orc. By the time Rosco was ten, he was almost twice the size of most of the children around him. With his large size it was easy for the half-orc to make friends for the fear of being considered his enemy. Diplomacy came easy to him, but not as naturally as combat. The feel of swinging his father’s sword as they spared always filled him with joy. When he became older he volunteered for the refuge militia, a chance to see real combat for the first time.


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