The Portals of Lavar

Portals of Lavar - Session #4


After receiving their rings from the Armorer, Lt. Barstow had the squad march out of the camp to a separate training facility. Leaving Chandler at this separate training facility they marched back to the Admin building. Upon reaching the Admin building Barstow left the group under the command of Sgt. Kadak, a dwarf cleric of Sarenrae. As his first order he sends the group back to the armory to get their recon equipment. Everyone received 5 days trail rations, multi-color sun rod, magical comfort boots, and a camo cloak. Shar was given a sextant and other mapping equipment along with the standard recon kit. Kadak dismisses the squad and they go about their own business. Sklyg goes to a bar outside the camp and meets up with other Recon soldiers currently holding a wake for a fallen comrade. Rosco and Arbor proceed to the local blacksmith and trade the equipment ‘salvaged’ during the battles in their own refuge. The funds were evenly divided among the squad, each share 16gp 9sp 8cp. After a nights sleep the unit is woken by Kadak and assembles on the parade grounds for further orders. It is explained that three refuges are currently being explored and experiencing heavy resistance. During their brief it was explained that they would be going to refuge 34 where the expected enemies were kobalds, goblins, and trolls.

Joining up with the caravan they proceeded through multiple portals before arriving at Refuge 34. Their squad was sent ahead to scout the way. The 1st day of scouting they came across nothing. On the second day they came across Orc hiding in ambush. One of the party members heard them say in Orcish “They are right where they said they would be.” During the resulting combat most of the squad fell at one point or another due to their injuries. With the quick healing of Sgt. Kadak they were soon up and fighting and eventually took down the Orcs. Shar cut the legs off of one orc while Rosco ran another through with such force that it lifted the orc into the air and pinned him back to the ground. After the battle Kadak made sure that all members were at full health and they proceeded to where they would make camp for the night. Rosco took the first watch and while he stood guard a group of goblins, lead by a hobgoblin, attacked in the night. Shrugging off the damage of the attack Rosco dropped three of the goblins before the rest of the squad was up and fighting. With the last two goblins dispatched by Sklyg and Shar, the camp was once again secured and a new watch set up.



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