The Portals of Lavar

Portals of Lavar - Sessions #1, #2, and #3

Getting the band together

Reports of creatures attacking the refuge have caused the militia to assemble. 2nd Platoon, Squad Alpha were ordered to secure Daxon Farm. Squad A members included Rosco the half-orc fighter, Shar the human ranger, Chandler the stylish human wizard, and Warren the human cleric. When Squad A had reached the farm it appeared to be abandoned. A quick examination of the house by Rosco and Chandler showed signs that the residents had fled towards the town to escape the coming attack. While the house was being examined, Shar seated behind the home while Warren searched the fields. Upon reaching the back of the house silently Shar noticed figures in the woods setting traps. He instantly recognized the creatures as Kobolds. As Shar engaged in combat with the creatures behind the house, warren was soon under attack by Kobolds that had been hiding in the trees across the field from the house. Rosco charged the field to go assist Warren while Chandler moved to the rear of the house to help Shar. With the 6 Kobolds dead and looted the squad searched the rest of the farm. While examining the barn, Rosco triggered a poison trap that began to drain his constitution. After a short time the Cleric managed to stop the spread of the poison and stabilize Rosco before any serious damage could be done.

As they began their trip back to the militia camp they came across a dispatch rider who took a verbal report to bring back to the Captain. Once the squad had returned to camp they were questioned by the Captain if they were still combat ready. A few words were exchanged between the Captain and Rosco, with the Captain made a note that Rosco was currently on report and the Captain would be speaking to him later. Their next assignment was to search for a patrol that had gone missing and secure the Well’s Farm. During the search for the missing squad the group encountered a group of militia recruits holding a bridge. The Cleric questioned the recruits about the missing squad and asked where their sergeant was. The recruits explained that they were attacked by a group of Kobolds and the sergeant ordered them to form a defensive wall while he fought them off. The sergeant fell and the Kobolds withdrew from the bridge. An examination of the sergeant’s body yielded no useful intel and a hand full of coin which was left with the body. Leaving the recruits to guard the bridge they soon encountered a log laying across the road. Rosco, Chandler, and Warren remained in the rear while Shar examined the obstruction. Kobolds jumped from the woods on either side of the trail and attacked Shar. As Warren and Chandler charged forward to face these new enemies, a group appeared from behind them and engaged Rosco. One of the Kobolds managed a lucky strike with their spear and killed Warren in one shot. With the Cleric now dead they finished off the enemies and left 8 dead Kobolds in their wake. As they got closer to the farm they found Jorn, a survivor of the original patrol that had been killed off by a hidden exploding trap. After a short demonstration of how the exploding trap worked, Jorn joined the squad and proceeded to the Well’s Farm. Upon arriving at the farm A small group of Kobolds were seen in front of a large barn. Even from such a long distance they could hear the screams of people trapped inside the barn that was currently on fire. The black Kobold seemed to be using the bodies as a sacrifice to summon some unknown thing. During the combat Rosco and Shar were both dropped by color spray, leaving the end combat to Jorn and Chandler to complete. Returning to the camp for the second time they reported to the Captain what they had encountered at Well’s Farm. Jorn was reassigned to a new squad and Alpha received two new people. Arbor Kingsley, a former logistics worker, and a monk named Sklyg were folded into the group to bolster their ranks. With combat winding down and most of the Militia back in camp the Captain made a speech informing his men that an Imperial army detachment would be coming to examine the men and fold them into the army in a few days. With the militia stood down some members took this time to sleep while others went to the nearest tavern to celebrate being alive. The next day saw increased activity as the camp was organized to prepare for the arrival of the Imperials. During this time Rosco was summoned to meet the Captain to report for his earlier comments. While Rosco was talking with the Captain the newest member of the squad, Arbor Kingsley, tried to climb up the side of the building to see or hear what was going on. While failing to actually climb the building he was found by a drill instructor that made the elf run the obstacle course until he was exhausted. While Arbor was off running for his life, Shar decided he to attempt to climb the building so he could see the entire camp. After failing miserably, and possibly receiving a concussion for his trouble, he went to a nearby tree and waited. Rosco, through a decent act of diplomacy, explained that it was the adrenaline of the life or death combat that had caused him to be so flippant with the Captain. Rosco lost his wages for a designated amount of time and was dismissed. Another day passed and with it a detachment of the Imperial Army had arrived to examine the militia. Before the Colonel had arrived Platoon 2 Squad Alpha had a quick rock paper scissors to determine who would be the Sergeant. In a stunning upset the Elf, Arbor, was chosen to lead the squad. Lined up on the parade grounds Colonel Cain explained what he was there to do. He had been tasked with organizing the 37th Imperial Battalion and was traveling between the newly joined refuges to give the local militia their orders. Cain went on to explain that one squad out of each platoon would be joining himself while the others would be sent to Camp Obscura for reassignment. Sklyg raised his hand to ask a question and was immediately told to put his hand down by Arbor. After the explanation was given the Colonel, along with the militia’s Captain and a few clerks, went along the lines and began to do assessments of the squads. Platoon 2, Squad A was chosen to proceed to Camp Obscura. Only Arbor heard the Captain recommend that this squad would be best acting on their own. Once they had received their orders the militia had been dismissed to prepare to march at first light. Before Squad Alpha could disappear, a drill instructor appeared and made Sklyg run the obstacle course for raising his hand. Arbor, taking his newly won duty seriously, ran the course with Sklyg to the best of his ability. With their affairs in order and what small amount of possessions they owned either packed up or sent back to their family, the militia began to move out towards the portal that would take them away from their refuge. As they stood in front of the portal waiting for their turn to go through, Arbor took this time to examine the material that the Pillars around the portal were made from. ( I forget this part and will have to talk to you about what John found out). The trip to Camp Obscura involved traveling through four different portals. Arriving at each new refuge Arbor tried to keep track of their location by examining the stars. (Once again, don’t remember if he had found anything interesting or not). Once we arrived at Camp Obscura Lieutenant Barstow ordered the members of Alpha Squad to follow him for combat assessment. Soon they were taken to a training field that was completely empty except for four mages wearing red tunics with a blue right sleeve standing to one side and a few instructors sitting at a table. An illusion was cast over the field and Alpha Squad was put into combat. Sklyb took heavy damage and did not connect with any of his attacks. Shar connected with 50% of his ranged attacks against the targets. Chandler cast sleep and managed to take down 2 of the targets in one attack. Rosco attacked twice with javelins and connected both times for decent damage. Arbor provided orders from the back and connected with no ranged attacks. ( I don’t remember all of the details). After the combat had ended they went and ran an obstacle course to test their skills. Their display was less than great and at the end they were taken to the armory where the armor master provided them with their red tunics with a white right sleeve and a ring.



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